Which compound inequality can be used to solve the inequality |3x+2|>7

Accepted Solution

Answer:x>[tex]\frac{5}{3}[/tex].Step-by-step explanation:We have given an  inequality |3x+2|>7.We need to solve this inequality |3x+2|>7, and find the compound which can solve this. We know that,  inequality :|3x+2|>7Subtrating 2 from both sides,|3x+2-2|>7-23x>5Dividing by 3 both sides,[tex]\frac{3x}{3} > \frac{5}{3}[/tex]x>[tex]\frac{5}{3}[/tex]Therefore, we can see that on the inequality |3x+2|>7, we find x>[tex]\frac{5}{3}[/tex] compound.