Lacinda has 120 ft of fencing to make a rectangular kennel for her dogs. The house is to be used as one side of the kennel. What length will maximize the area of the kennel?

Accepted Solution

Answer:1,800[tex]ft^{2}[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:According to my research, the formula for the Area of a rectangle is the following,[tex]A = L*W[/tex]Where A is the Area L is the lengthW is the widthSince the house wall is acting as one side length of the rectangle. We are left with 1 length and 2 width sides. To maximize the Area of the kennel we will need to equally divide the 120 ft of fencing between the Length and Width.120 / 2 = 60ftSo We have 60 ft for the length and 60 ft for the width. Since the width has 2 sides we need to divide 60 by 2.60/2 = 30 ftNow we can calculate the maximum Area using the values above.[tex]A = 60*30[/tex][tex]A = 1800ft^{2}[/tex]So the Maximum area we are able to create with 120ft of fencing is 1,800[tex]ft^{2}[/tex]I hope this answered your question. If you have any more questions feel free to ask away at Brainly.